Terms of Service


For all my commissions I always need a full description of what you want in the illustration and reference photos in high quality and good light conditions, so I can clearly see the facial features and expressions.


I charge 20% upfront to book the slot, and this is not refundable. The remaining 80% has to be paid after the sketch is done. If you want more than one character in an illustration, the price will be multiplied by the number of characters you want. I need an email to send a Paypal invoice.
For commissions with discount, I will charge the total price upfront.


7 to 60 business days, depending on the complexity of your commissions and my current commissions queue. Delay in approval/reply will increase the deadline.


For illustrations under $80: 1 revision in the sketch.
Over $80: 2 revisions.
Over $100: 3 revisions.
For watercolors works: I accept only 2 revision requests on the sketch step. After the
painting is started, I can’t change anything.
Each revision may increase the deadline, depending on the request.


Digital illustrations: The final illustration is delivered by email, in PNG, JPG or PDF, with 300 dpi resolution and color mode according to purpose (CMYK -Coated Fogra39 for printing or sRGB for web use).Watercolors: The shipping cost is $20 and the timeframe is around 15 to 60 days.


What is allowed for standard: print and frame the illustration for gifts or decorations; post on social media to recommend and share my work.What is not allowed unless you ask first: making products and any kind of commercial or marketing use, including self promotion, the use of the artwork on business profile picture, header or posts on social media, even if it is not intended to sell a product or service. If you want to use the illustration for these purposes, I may or not charge a commercial use fee, according to the type of artwork. If you want to use the artwork to print weddings, birthdays and other personal event invitations, or as emotes and other types of stream art, you are allowed to and I will not charge any extra fee, but you have to ask first.


Photos used as reference will not be posted on internet without client’s permission, but the final artwork will be posted on my online portfolio and social media in posts or ads to share my work.


To book the slot you have to pay 20% and this is not refundable. However, the remaining 80% is refundable as long as the lineart or colors are not started. After started the lineart/colors proccess, there will be no refund of the payment made.I need you to reply to my messages as soon as possible. If a client takes more than 30 days to reply, it will be considered finished and there will be no refund of any payment made.


• In case of portraits, I don't do full likeness/realism.
• I will use my creativity and the support of photographic references to create something that comes close to what the customer wants, and if necessary, I will offer options that convey the same idea and feeling, even if it is not exactly the same as the requested. I will not in any way copy or heavily reference other artists' works and ideas, even if it's just a pose. There will be no exception.
• I reserve the right to refuse any request that I am not able to execute at the moment, or that causes me any discomfort.
• Most of my illustrations are signed.
• I am not responsible for the color change in the print, as the illustration is already done in the proper color mode for printing.
• When making any payment, you agree to all of my terms.


My main and fastest way to contact is by email:[email protected]If you prefer, I can respond via discord or Reddit chat, but let me know first.
Discord: beatzmrl#3635
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/beatzmrl